Sudan Steel Structure Plant Project

The main body of the project is a layer, the door frame structure system, cornice elevation of 9.23 meters, according to the fire hazard classification for the five categories, brush fire retardant paint after the fire level should reach two.Steel beam: fire resistance limit of 1.5 hours,Steel column: fire resistance limit of 2.5 hours.Steel purlins : fire resistance limit of 1.0 hours.The design basis of the design period: steel frame for 50 years, roof and wall maintenance structure for 20 years.

Roof with a single layer of galvanized steel plate sea blue crown Island, its structure and technical requirements are as follows:
1.V820 type 0.50mm thick galvanized roof panel (sea blue) crown Island
2.75mm thick glass wool with aluminum foil
3.200 * 200 coated steel mesh
4.Q235B C-type steel roof purlin
5.Q345B steel beam 
1.YX-840 plate type 0.40mm thick galvanized wall panel white gray crown Island
2.Q235B C steel wall purlins
3.Q345B steel column
Paint coating:
1. Shot blasting, rust level Sa2.5
2. In the gray anti-corrosion primer two, each 30 um
1. Roof panel - sea blue
2. Wall panel - white gray
3. Steel components - medium gray  

Uses: cold storage

Address: Rock City near Jebel lodges, Juba, South Sudan

Construction time: 2016.12-2017.5