Xinguangzheng: "Steel Structures " Connecting Africa

In early October, Qingdao Xinguang Zheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd., located in Pingdu Economic Development Zone, formally started construction of a factory building in Ethiopia. From doors and windows to air conditioning and then to intelligent matching, Ethiopian factories experienced for the first time the "steel structure plus" mode created by China, which is omni-directional and high-quality in the construction process. Quantitative and integrated construction is praised endlessly. The project is the first to start construction after the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2018.

As the only enterprise in Qingdao to attend the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in 2018, Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has cooperated with more than 30 African countries. On November 4, South Sudan National Road and Bridge Engineer Aister, who visited the company, said: "South Sudan has a very large market demand for steel structure-related products in recent years. Through this visit, Xinguang Zhenggang Steel Structures Company is highly recognized and hopes that the company will go to South Sudan to participate in construction."


"There is no sunset industry, only sunset thinking." As a traditional manufacturing enterprise, only innovation has a way out. Ten years ago, the company began to make marketing adjustments, while stabilizing the domestic market, it also focused on foreign countries. In 2008, Xinguangzheng Company gained the right to export independently, and constructed steel plant with Angola in Africa, which became the company's first foreign project order. In the implementation of the Dutch steel component project, the tolerance limit of the first 5-meter long component in the world was within (+1 mm); in the broiler house project in the Philippines, the average survival rate of local broilers was the highest in all years, which is some of the achievements of foreign projects.


With the help of "one belt and one road", the layout of the company's international market has been greatly expanded. Up to now, Xinguang Zheng products have been exported to over 30 countries in Africa, such as Kenya and Algeria, with more than 400 projects and total sales of more than 500 million yuan. The products are exported to the more than 80 countries, including Germany, Sweden and Venezuela.


"Steel structure +" barrier added to the top of the national market. In order to solve the problem of connection between animal husbandry farming equipment, environmental control equipment and farming houses, they developed an automatic environmental control system, which integrates steel structure, animal husbandry equipment and environmental control system. In order to solve the problem of cold winter and hot summer in steel structure factory buildings, they purchased a central air conditioning company and developed a high-end central air conditioning project. Through comprehensive optimization, the integration of steel structure and central air conditioning is realized. Not only that, they also created an integrated mode of "steel structure + construction general contracting". Especially in international cooperation, as a whole package project, it activates the development of the whole industrial chain.