Did your passport get better protection before going abroad?

Immediately many friends will have plans to travel abroad. After the festival, there will be many exhibitions and overseas arrangements.

For small foreign trade partners who want to go abroad, the most important thing is their passport. Some of them will be more careless on this issue.

It's not only the certificate you need for entry and exit, but also the certificate you need abroad. I believe many small partners don't need to know much about how to deal with passport.

So what can a passport do for you abroad and how important it is? Let's take a closer look at it.

First: During traveling abroad, you must not give your passport to others and keep it properly. Unless you are checking in at a hotel or applying for a visa, airline ticket or other ticket. Many hotels require you to show your passport and fill in the relevant information when you check in. Some will need to copy passport photos, but they will be returned to you as soon as they are finished. Only a few of those small hotels feel like they have to leave their passports there and return them when they leave.

Second: If you are going to apply for a visa, your passport will be in the Embassy at this stage of waiting for a visa. Others are different. You may need to be notified to go to the embassy to carry your passport and label it after checking your information. If visas for several countries are handled in the same place, the priority of visas should be considered.

Three: The most important thing is the front blackboard!

Before going abroad, remember to keep your passport and visa side and take photos with your mobile phone! Save it to a cell phone or a reliable email address. So if your passport is really lost or stolen accidentally, the electronic version of this information will help you a lot. Passports and wallets are best kept separately. Don't put them together. Sometimes if your wallet is stolen, your passport will be involved.

Fourth: It is suggested that before going abroad, you should first make a copy of your passport in advance, and then you can put only a copy of your passport in your bag when you go out. The original passport can be locked in a safe place to avoid loss.

Fifth: If you are abroad, you can also enjoy applying for a new passport at the Chinese Embassy in your country at that time. You can learn from the information on the Chinese Consular Service Network.

1. Passport time has expired. If your stay in your country has expired, you can go to the Chinese Consulate for replacement.

2. The visa page on the passport is about to run out. You can change your new passport.

3. The appearance has changed a lot. Some people may have handled their passport many years ago. We also know that the validity period of the passport is 10 years. But your present appearance must have changed a lot at that time. If you have any problems, you can handle new ones.

4. When the new passport is ready, the old passport needs to be scrapped. An unused passport will be cut into a corner, just like a bank card, which is scrapped. If you still have visas available on your old passport, be sure to explain the situation with the staff. Don't sign those visas.

I hope you can make good preparations and useful information before you go abroad. Passport is really important when you go abroad. You can also learn more about it through other channels.

Just in case!