How to rehabilitate the African swine fever plant?

    African swine fever (ASF) is an acute, hemorrhagic and severe infectious disease caused by African swine fever virus (ASFV) infecting domestic pigs and various wild boars (such as African wild boars, European wild boars, etc.). The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) lists it as a statutory animal epidemic, which is also one of the most important animal epidemics in China. Its clinical manifestations are fever (up to 40-42 degrees C), rapid heartbeat, dyspnea, some cough, serous or mucous purulent secretions in eyes and nose, cyanosis of skin, obvious bleeding of lymph nodes, kidneys and gastrointestinal mucosa, and clinical symptoms of African swine fever. Similar to classical swine fever, it can only be diagnosed by laboratory monitoring.


Prevention and Control Work

Countries and regions without the disease should prevent the introduction of ASFV. Food waste from aircraft and ships should be burned at international airports and ports. Establish a rapid diagnostic method in advance for non-endemic areas and formulate an extermination plan once the disease occurs.

Since no vaccine has been developed worldwide to effectively prevent African swine fever, but high temperature and disinfectant can effectively kill the virus, so the key to prevent and control African swine fever is to do a good job of biological safety protection in farms.

The first is to strictly control the entry of personnel, vehicles and susceptible animals into farms, and to strictly implement disinfection measures for personnel, vehicles and articles entering and leaving farms and their production areas.

Secondly, live pigs should be kept as closed as possible, isolation and protection measures should be taken to avoid contact with wild boars and ticks.

Third, hogwash or waste from meals are strictly prohibited for feeding pigs.

Fourth, actively cooperate with local animal epidemic prevention and control agencies to carry out epidemic surveillance and investigation, especially the occurrence of swine fever vaccine immunization failure, unexplained deaths and other phenomena, should be reported to the local veterinary department in time.



Sterilization should be done from four aspects of man-machine material ring.

First, clearing the farm, killing pigs within the scope of harmless treatment.

Personnel: No non-factory personnel are allowed to enter, all staff are blocked in the site. All living things used by personnel can be soaked and disinfected for 2 hours, all non-soakable items can be treated, and all wooden items can be disposed of.

Machine: After the dismantling of the aquaculture equipment, soak and disinfect the dead corners, such as leaks and corners in the house. We must make sure that there is no attachment and thoroughly clean up the dead corners that may adhere to the original virus.

Feed: The feed is sterilized at 95 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. The technological process is advanced outfield feeding tower - high temperature sterilization - air filtration plus cooling - temporary storage bin - in-field feeding tower.

Law: Restoring a factory is a meticulous work. We must do a good job in the implementation of personnel management. Employees'awareness of epidemic prevention should be put in the first place, and the execution force should be 110%. Do a good job of operating examination rules for each disinfection process.

Ring: To cut off the source of infection, pig farm construction must adhere to the principle of biological safety first. To do a good job of environmental pollution-free sources, we need to rely on remote control and artificial intelligence, build data center database, reduce the mobility of personnel, as far as possible do not rely on people, reduce risk.

To do the above five points, the weaned piglets should be introduced as a sentinel pig for trial maintenance.