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Feed at ease  live comfortably 


    Egg is a kind of cheap and good animal protein food. Because of its high protein, low fat, low calorie, high absorptivity and high conversion rate, egg has become a widely accepted source of high quality animal protein and one of the most economical sources of animal protein. thus

Layer farming industry has developed from scattered production to large-scale and standardized production.

    For farmers, shortening the cycle and improving productivity are the most helpful to solve the fundamental problems.

    So, if you happen to be just engaged in the breeding industry, do not know about the poultry breeding environment, the size of the poultry house planning is not clear, how to do?


    Don't worry, Xinguang is providing you with poultry house design and automatic environmental control system. According to the breeding needs of farmers, reasonable houses are designed. At the same time, the environmental control system is equipped with special air conditioning for breeding, which can real-time adjust and control the most suitable comfortable environment for chickens to grow or lay eggs.

Breeding is a sideline? Not enough people?




    Needless to worry, Xinguang is providing you with an automatic feeding system with simple keys and convenient knobs. It only needs one person to operate the whole chicken house easily.

    First investment in aquaculture, worry about cost and return?



    Xinguang Zheng Integrated Poultry House Breeding Scheme, in terms of poultry house design, steel structure house shortens the construction cycle, automatic breeding system reduces labor costs, environmental control system design, from chickens to adult chickens can live in a suitable environment for their rapid and healthy growth, effectively improve the survival rate of chickens and egg production. 。 Design a professional poultry farming system to help you manage a complete set of poultry farms, reassuring breeding, sitting and other benefits.

    The integration of animal husbandry and breeding in Xinguangzheng has achieved the lowest price of chicken in poultry house system, reaching the reassurance of raising, comfortable living and the housekeeper of the common people themselves.