Suspended Intelligent Metal Outdoor Sliding Doors

 Product description: 

  • The outdoor sliding doors adopt Aluminum 6063-T5 material with elegant appearance and compact structure.

  • The gate is suspension sliding without any rails, it’s very easy and simple for installation and maintenance.

  • Anti-Bumping Function: In process of gate closing, if infrared detector sensed people or obstacles, the sliding gate will immediately stop to assure of security.

  • Anti-Climb-Over Alarming: If infrared detector sensed anybody to climb over gate, alarm in control cabinet will auto turn on, and the alarm can be turned off by stop-button or open-button of controller.

  • If any emergency happened, you can press Emergent ON/OFF button to cut off power and make the working gate stop immediately to assure of safety.

  • Once electric motor temperature exceeds 120 degree or the gate is working for a limited time, then the motor will auto stop working for protection and prolong its life time.

  • The gate is with desktop-controller and handheld-controller for remote control, and during the time of maintenance or power failure, gate clutch can be released and then the gate can be controlled manually.

  • The gate is with leakage protection to protect over voltage or current in control system to connect ground.

  • The gate works smoothly, stable and quiet with high security, low noise, low failure rate and long service time.

  • The gate is used to circumstances of -30°c to +70°c of high or low temperature, wind, rain, ice, snow, slope, over railway or track and even some other tough conditions.