New Style Main Gate Design Industrial Suspended Door

Product description:

1. Motor used a balanced technology, the motor has high-power output, stable movement, reliable performance. 

2.The doors have a strong wind resistance installations to ensure that the doors will not be affected under the strong winds also can run as usual. 

3. Clutch function when the power failure, we can only use the clutch keys insert the special hole, easily rotate 180°, it can converted to the manual operation state. 

4. Line fine-tuning devices, it can adjust the minor deviations to ensure the door go straight when it is moving.

5. The wheels use the high-strength, wear-resistant materials. After taking 10-meter trip through the 200,000-load running also has no significant wear, and it has no impact after the sand storms

6. Hidden wiring, so that the entire doors are concise, generous

Gate Standard Accessories:
Desktop remote control:Fixed on the wall or on the table to control the door's opening or closing.
Wireless remote control:Carry it on you to control the door's opening and closing  in 25-50m.
Clutch Key:Use the spare key when power outage, you can switch to manual operation.
Infrared Anti-Collision:Automatically stop 30 -- 40cm away from pedestrian or car while they pass by.
Limit MagnetBurierd at the floor to guide the door going straight and locate.
Door Optional Accessories:
Door LED Screen   +$25Rectangles and Squares Style "WELCOME"
Gate Anti-climbing  +$40Alarm people try to climb over the door from top or open the door with force.
Bluetooth Access ControlBluetooth card in the car to remote control.
Transformer 220v to110vBased on the actual voltage.